Sunday, June 17, 2012


So sorry I havn't been updating on this blog as much as I should be. It's not that nothing's been happening (loads has been happening), I just couldn't be bothered most of the time.
Yes, I know, I'm lazy, but it's true.
So here's a not-so-in-depth update on what's been going on.

First of all, since my last update, we have moved from France (Carcassonne and Gruisson), to England (Bristol).
A strawberry tart in Gruisson.

Where we were staying in Gruisson, the owners had four cats.
Well, one cat and three kittens, that is. 

And now for Bristol. Our first night we ate at a curry place called the Take 5 Cafe. It has five options of curry, all for five pounds each. And the food is amazing! Just beautiful. I recommend it if you're ever in Bristol, and happen to love a good curry. It has three veggie options (two of which are vegan) and two meat options.
Another place I would recommend is the Bristol Raj. Yet another curry place! (I LOVE CURRY!!!)

It is so awesome. I seriously love it. It also has quite a few vegan and veggie options.
And if you're thinking: 'Been there, done that'... Well... You'll know how I feel then...
Pure satisfaction...
Anyway, we're staying in this flat for another night....
Then guess what. We're moving out. On monday. For the airport.
We are going to see the DOGGIES!!!! At home!!!! In case you havn't realised, I am super duper excited.
But it's a two day plane trip. England is a long, long way from home.
Home, here we come!

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Carcassonne... Again!

We have left the place we stayed in for two weeks and are in Carcassonne for one night. Then we move further south and stay in a gite (pronounced jeet) for a few nights. We stayed at a place in Bordeux last night, which was really quite cramped, but it was fine for the night. We have stayed in the hotel we are in now before, when we were in Carcassonne a few weeks ago. It's called 'Hotel Balladins'. It's really quite a nice place. Free Internet, not massive rooms (but big enough to not feel cramped) and en-suite (I feel like I'm doing a review here :P). The boulangerie - patisserie is literally across the road, so there's fresh bread there. And a short drive to the Carcassonne Medieval City! Here are some pictures from when we went there last time:

I also drew a picture of the two dogs from where we were staying a couple of days ago. I left it for them so they could keep it.

I made it big because it was a bit hard to see when it was small. It's also not a great picture as we don't have a scanner when we are on holiday! ;)

Friday, June 01, 2012


Here is what has been going on for the past week or so. So sorry I haven't been posting, but I haven't really had much internet where we're staying at the moment. When we do get internet, though, it's only briefly so not enough time to post.
Anyway, here's what's been happening:

We are in France at the moment (you might have realised that from my last post). We have been all the way from Charente down to the Pyrenees. Here are just some pictures:

Here is the weather comparison from England to France.



 The Canal du Midi in Carcassonne.

I found a cat for you.

A covered market.

The most hilarious place in France:

No editing was done to the above photo. :P And yes we passed through Condom...

So now we are staying somewhere for two weeks. It has no internet, but we have a wireless dongle that we use when we go for a drive.
Another added bonus at this place is the owners have two dogs. They come for a few hours every morning.
I'm not sure if I've spelt these names right, but I've tried.

Flidais (pronounced flea-day):

d'Artagnan (pronounced dar-tang-nya, or the same as the three musketeers):

We have another 8 days where we are now, so don't expect too many more updates!

Saturday, May 19, 2012

This Place is Dog HEAVEN!!!

One of the reasons I love France...
There. Are. Dogs. EVERYWHERE!!!
Seriously. From the moment I arrived here.
There was a dog in the airport. Not a guide dog, a normal dog. We went to eat at a Cafe. There was a dog in there. On the way to the cafe. LOADS of dogs.

Rosy the border terrier.

It's so cool!!!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

More Updates and a Catch-up

So first of all I'm going to post up a few pictures from Kuala Lumpur that I forgot to put up.

Twin towers at night...

Twin towers at day...

And the hotel view at day...

I had some Henna decorated on my arm. It's perty. :)

Now to the updates for England. First of all the weather...
A lovely English day, only a few rainy sessions, so just beautiful. High winds, so be careful to not end up with the birds.

Here's a wheel were you can go on it. I didn't, but other people did.

These were speakers where you plug in your ipod. They were so cute!

My friend loves ducks, so I took a picture of the duck one for her.

And the doggie one for me... Coz I love dogs... ;)

The docks.

Then we went to the Beatles museum type thing. I was actually really cool. They re-made all the key places for the Beatles and stuff.

Apple advertising :P

Look who's joined the apple club now! End a meal with an apple. It's natures toothbrush.

A room for John Lennon.

Then we went out and saw this blind man busking. He had his seeing eye dog with him. Of course, me being a softie we gave them more money than usual. I mean, those eyes are just irresistable! ;)

We weren't sure what breed he was, because of his colouring. Maybe he was a lab, I dunno. What do you think?